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About Us

Abhishek Export is based in Nasik, the geographical center of India. The location advantage has made Nasik an important trade center of the country. We have our main office and warehouses in Nasik – Maharashtra.
Total customer satisfaction has always been the main focus of our company. Our quality analysts conduct stringent quality control measures to ensure durability of the products. Our main product range comprises of Vegetables, Fruits, Spices, Organic foods.
Abhishek Export is an enterprise that produce agricultural products par excellence.

At Abhishek Export, we have wide range of Perishable and Non perishable Agro Products. Our Agro Products are directly acquired from the farmers. We export, supplying quality fruits and vegetable in the domestic market as well as leading supermarket chain in India. With our sustainable crop solutions to produce safe and high quality fruits & vegetable by lowering the residue levels.

We have an excellent logistics system that comprises integration of shipping, inventory, warehousing, packaging, security and particular requirements of specific products.



We supply wide range variety in fruits ranging in different colours, sizes, taste and packaging.

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We supply fresh vegetables like Okra, Drumstick, capsicum, broccoli, cabbage, etc.

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Organic Foods

Pure and Natural Organic Food is Healthier, tastier and Nutritious.

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We are the supplier of the better quality turmeric and other spices.

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By Air

Okra (Lady finger)
Bitterground (Karela)
Bottlegourd (Dubhi)
Val Papdi
Pudina (Mint)
Fresh beans (Ghevda)
Ridge gourd (Turai)
Cluster bean (Gawar)

By Sea

Chilly g 4
Raddish (Muli)

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Adress : Abhishek Plaza, Sneh Nagar, Nashik

Phone : +91 0253 2534836

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